A Montgomery County Family and Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help If You Are Being Unfairly Accused

Domestic violence is described as the illegal act of threatening, intimidating, or physically harming someone with whom one has an intimate relationship, such as a spouse, current or past romantic partner, or a family member who lives in the same house. Contact a Montgomery County family and domestic violence lawyer at Meyers Defense if you are being unfairly accused of abuse. 

Domestic violence is damaging, both in the long and short term. You could face serious consequences if you have been accused of or charged with domestic abuse. Remember, the prosecution unilaterally decides whether to bring charges; it is not the alleged victim’s choice. To safeguard your freedom and reputation, you need an attorney on your side.

Penalties Faced by Accused Family and Domestic Abuse Perpetrators in Maryland

Under Maryland law, domestic abuse may be categorized as being misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the criminal history of the offender and the facts of the crime. Consequences of being convicted may be probation, jail time, anger management classes, community service, fines, and restitution to the victim(s). Various factors, such as prior offenses or having a history of domestic violence, help determine the severity of the punishment. Sentences may also include a restraining or protective order.

Assault is commonly found in instances of domestic abuse, which, if established by the, carries a maximum penalty of ten years in jail for an assault in the second degree. Assault convictions can follow offenders for the rest of their lives, impacting social status, job searches and possibly affecting their Constitutional right to possess firearms in the future. 

There are also penalty enhancements—aggravating factors that permit the sentencing judge to increase the usual and customary sentence. These factors include prior offenses, as well as the severity of the offense.

How Can an Attorney Help if I Have Been Being Unfairly Accused in Maryland?

Every story has two sides. If you are unfairly accused or feel like you are about to be accused, let a Montgomery County family and domestic violence attorney at Meyers Defense help. 

Anyone charged with domestic violence should immediately contact a Montgomery County family and domestic violence lawyer at Meyers Defense because judges tend to see the “domestic” label and treat these cases very harshly. Common defenses include self-defense, i.e., protecting yourself from attack. Another common defense is the defense of protecting another person, such as a child, from attack. Even protective orders and peace orders can be challenged in court if your attorney has the right experience. At Meyers Defense, we have that experience and more. 

Let A Montgomery County Family And Domestic Violence Attorney At Meyers Defense Help Defend Your Freedom

Contact a Montgomery County family and domestic violence lawyer immediately if you feel like you are being unfairly targeted for family crimes or domestic violence. The police may be already investigating and preparing potential charges against you, and you should be preparing as well. Meyers Defense will help you get in front of any accusations that will appear with you at any police meetings, arraignments, and other critical pretrial hearings, in order to zealously defend you as soon and comprehensively as possible. Contact us today.