Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Aaron L. Meyers has known professional gamblers and card sharks for almost his entire life. Living in a city filled with casinos, Mr. Meyers quickly learned the importance of evaluating evidence and position, thoroughly analyzing the costs and benefits of strategies and decisions, and tactical risk-taking against an adversary. As a criminal attorney, Mr. Meyers has long recognized that criminal litigation shares strikingly similar elements to that of high-stakes poker.

Soon after graduating high school, Mr. Meyers served as a paratrooper in the United States Army’s historic 82nd Airborne Division and specialized in the administration of military justice, administrative sanctions, and courts-martial. While working for the Army’s Judge Advocate General, he  was tasked with explaining in simple terms complex legal principles, trial procedures, and possible judicial outcomes to both high-ranking military officers and newly-enlisted soldiers. Notably, while participating in dozens of courts-martial and judicial hearings, he also routinely participated in combat-training jumps from both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

After honorably serving his country, Mr. Meyers returned to Las Vegas where he attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, during the era of the NCAA champions Runnin’ Rebels. He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in communications, advocacy, and marketing, and went on to coordinate media and advertising campaigns for several Las Vegas businesses, to include radio campaigns on the Howard Stern national radio program. Supplementing the advanced legal training he received in the military, he increased his proficiency in conveying complex fact patterns, principles, and theories in clear, concise, and easy-to-understand language to targeted audiences. And since judges and juries are prime examples of “targeted audiences,” Mr. Meyers naturally pursued a career in the law.  

In 2001, Mr. Meyers attended Seton Hall Law School in Newark, New Jersey, where he concentrated his studies on criminal justice, litigation and trial advocacy, and participated in the University’s partnership program with the Newark / Bergen County Public Defender’s Office. After graduation, Mr. Meyers moved to Maryland to work with the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office and as a law clerk for the judges of the Anne Arundel County District Court. After completing his judicial clerkship in 2005, he joined the State’s Attorney’s Office for Prince George’s County, Maryland. After being with Prince George’s County for only four years and specializing in alcohol-related traffic cases, firearms and drug cases, and family and domestic violence cases, he was rapidly promoted to the specialized Homicide Unit.  

In 2015, after prosecuting in Prince George’s County for nine years, Mr. Meyers transitioned to the States Attorney’s Office for Anne Arundel County as a member of management. There, in addition to directing a large office division and prosecuting complex and high-profile felony cases, he was designated the chief of the homicide and violent crime unit…”Murder and Mayhem.”

In 2019, after serving as a prosecutor for almost 15 years and handling thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases, including participation in hundreds of judge and jury trials, Mr. Meyers joined a long-established criminal defense firm as a senior attorney and was chiefly assigned to defend against prosecutions characterized as being complex, well-publicized, and highly adversarial. Notably, he transitioned from being a State prosecutor to a zealous advocate for the individual-citizen against the State and its prosecutors. While doing so, he has cultivated relationships with prosecutors, police officers, judges, and other members of the judicial system throughout the State.

Since 2005, Mr. Meyers has dedicated his legal career to criminal practice and litigation. He has both prosecuted and defended thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases before judges and juries throughout the State of Maryland…from minor traffic citations and DUIs, to rapes, armed robberies, and high-profile, internationally-publicized homicides. As such, Mr. Meyers has become accomplished in both the art of building a criminal case as a prosecutor, and equally skilled in the destruction of a case while on the defense.

Mr. Meyers is now the founding member of Meyers Defense, a boutique criminal defense firm. Regardless of the severity of the allegation or the complexity of the evidence and judicial procedures, Mr. Meyers is Ready to listen, Ready at trial, and Ready for justice.